Prospecting & Lead Generation

Social engagement is a part any lead generation strategy. The CXCaaS team members are poised to reach, engage and listen to customers across 25+ channels and connect with followers and brand advocates proactively or as a response to prospects’ reactions. This is an valuable tactic when running a marketing campaign or promotion. Opportunities for the CXCaaS team members to engage with brand advocates are even more valuable, because these fans have hands-on product experience and personal anecdotes that resonate in an honest way with other customers and prospects. This is also true of connecting with authentic industry or topic influencers who may generally have a significant number of followers and can be instrumental in converting prospects to customers.

Whether a campaign is targeting a particular community, individual or persona, proactively reaching out with crafted messages -- to inspire a response, like or share -- is most effective when the message is relevant and timely. The CXCaaS team actively identifies and leverages opportunities to engage to optimize promotions, sweepstakes, or other “pop-up” offers with personal 1:1 interactions that encourage clicks, conversions and shares to optimize campaign performance. This is done by researching profiles to learn as much as possible about the target and crafting personal and relevant posts using @username, hashtags and other tactics.

We work on your behalf to...

  • Humanize the brand to create value and increase customer ROI

  • Leverage community sentiments, reactions and trends to drive better decision making for content, campaigns, and offers

  • Influence positive word of mouth referrals with natural viral campaigns

  • Identify and engage leads through conversations, special offers and other relevant information to foster interaction or conversions

  • Drive bottom line sales through integrated engagement

Listening & Engagement

Prospecting & Lead Generation




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