Listening & Engagement

Listening is a strategy. It is an understanding, a connection with your audience that gives you the opportunity to assist them and for them to assist you. Through a willingness to observe and learn, listening allows you to better understand what audiences care about in total and at the individual level.  It enables you to engage in a meaningful and personal way. Listening and engagement are tools. What you do with these tools to build meaningful relationships is up to you. This is where the CXCaaS comes in.

CXCaaS social managers glean Insights from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and across the web via blog posts, video, reviews and myriad online social community sites. This always-on approach allows the team to identify opportunities to engage with authentic, real-time conversation.  With an eye to real-time trends, latest news or current events, managers work to deliver relevant content at the right time. These personal, 1:1 interactions can surprise, delight and grow brand awareness and affinity. Each engagement works to reinforce or shape brand perception and fortify your brand equity. 

We work on your behalf to...

  • Identify opportunities to engage and delight

  • Enhance customer equity and trust through direct engagement

  • Gain insights from real-world real-time trends, sentiment, news and current events

  • Deliver relevant content at the right time to grow awareness and affinity for your brand equity

  • Identify and leverage authentic influencer mentions

Listening & Engagement

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