CXC Experience Manager

The Experience Manager (XM) is the cornerstone of the CXC.  The XM is the deep subject matter expert in channel, industry, functional specialty, and more.  The XM is a marketing professional with expertise, insight and experience to be the strategic thinker who can chart a value proposition along with the ambition, aptitude, and drive to put the campaign in place and execute it to deliver the customer value.

The XMs in a CXC have broad relevance and marketing experience.  At the same time, XMs often specialize predominantly in one or two service offerings at a time.  Service offerings include:


  • Listening and Engagement

  • Prospecting and Lead Generation

  • Paid Marketing


The XM builds and executes strategies targeted to the business goals of their assigned clients, campaigns, and priorities.  Each XM’s top priority is humanizing their clients’ brands, products, and experience to the customer through community, proactive service, issue management, education, and unexpected delight.


  • Own the Engagement. Be Human. Connect. 

  • Create community with customers. Build affinity and individual rapport at scale

  • Develop Customer Experience Strategies across the CXC and across social channels

  • Conceive and execute campaigns in partnership with colleagues and clients

  • Be the voice of the brand to the customer

  • Serve the customer. Proactively engage, surprise with delight, anticipate needs, resolve issues and escalations in the spirit of community and relationship

  • Harness resources to drive memorable customer experience and create vocal fans

  • Identify and engage opportunities to drive positive sentiment about the brand

  • Incubate awareness and advocacy of the brand through natural social connections

  • Drive rapport, affinity, and advocacy with new prospects

  • Demonstrate subject matter expertise and excellence in social marketing

  • Partner with CXC and client for targeted and purposeful social media amplification

  • Build tools, templates, and methods to enable greater scale and impact

  • Provide guidance on key conversations where client should actively engage further

  • Manage social media approvals, guide tone/personality, target engagement

  • Identify themes, distill data into actionable insights to inform partners


  • Experience in digital marketing, preferably social media (3 – 5 yrs)

  • Demonstrated success triaging customer care

  • Experience in social media and online engagement tools, preferably Sprinklr

  • Passion for social media, community, engagement, 1:1 marketing

  • Collaborative team player who works well with diversity of opinion and abilities

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Ability to manage stressful competing demands and deal with frequent change

  • Strong initiative, excellent organizational, time and self-management skills

  • Comfortable managing without authority and providing feedback to peers







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