Customer Experience Center       as a Service (CXCaaS)      

Inside the Fuuzion CXCaaS, we meet customers as humans.  CXC social managers meet your customers where they are at the moment that engagement is most impactful: when they are there.  Through research and listening, we engage the customer on topics important to them in the moment when it is relevant. CXCaaS we listen to not only the customer’s words, but the sentiment behind the words. Humanizing the engagement improves the customer’s experience and creates memorable connections. 

The CXCaaS also actively drives insights to advocate for greater brand affinity and relationships. From developing intuition and relevance to influence influencers to synthesizing both recurring and transient social moments into defining experiences for the customer, we create rapport with every audience.


CXCaaS teams proactively seek and respond to customers in their natural setting with:

  • Current conversations and news surrounding the industry

  • Topics, themes, trends

  • Sentiments that matter most to customers and prospects

  • Timely responses that engage followers and create lifetime fans


Through listening and engagement, prospecting and lead generation and paid media, the result is measurable, 1:1 human connections with your prospects, customers and lifetime fans.

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