About Us

The landscape of how people engage with brands is forever changed. The traditional concept of “control” no longer resides with the brand owner. Fact is customer experience rules perception and brand affinity. With social media brand posts influencing over 75% of purchase decisions, brands are inextricably linked to their customers’ experience with the brand and at the mercy of their opinion of it.

The Customer Experience Center is founded on this recognition.

Fuuzion was founded on the fact that customers using social media management tools with a CXC experience the fullest value of their platform and greater success from their listening and engagement activities. We provide a service portfolio and team of experts that not only hears your customers’ voices, but responds with engaging conversations that matter.

Our goal is to create mutual value from natural conversations with your customers on your behalf with tools, methodology and meaningful interactions.

What can the Fuuzion CXCaaS do for you?

Every business is different and at different stages of maturity with regard to their social strategy. No matter where you are today, we can help you...

  • Identify new prospects

  • Build affinity with customers

  • Generate product insights

  • Improve customer care

  • Monitor & manage crisis

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